Our Story

We fell in love with poke at the first bite. Our vision has always been to bring the best poke from that island to our island. Our founder is a sushi master chef and currently owns a successful sushi restaurant in Long Island. And additionally, has years of working experience in one of the largest tuna fishing companies in the world. Poke has been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines. Our experience and background provides us with a thorough and deep understanding of Poke “from pole to bowl”. It also gives us the ability to expand our horizons by opening this restaurant: Island Poké. With a passion for perfection, each day we select the freshest, most sustainable, sushi-grade fish. All of the other ingredients are seasonal and natural, creating contemporary flavors honoring the spirit of the poke traditions.

Shortly after we opened our first Island poke restaurant in Roosevelt Field Mall, it became clear that people typically thought of “the poke bowl” as a raw fish meal served cold. We decided to change that and add cooked and hot items to the menu. New York has a long and cold winter, so we felt this was perfect for our local customers.

Our menu was inspired by our trips to Hawaii and Japan, where we spent time researching and experiencing the cuisine. We developed a menu concept with poke, ramen, rice bowls, and sides like chicken karaage, pork gyoza, and shrimp tempura, to name a few.

Island Poke is fast-casual with healthy, tasty, and affordable food. Enjoy!